The conservatorship attorney in Santa Clarita Brings Benefits for people who need help managing their assets and health care

In a conservatorship a person such as a relative or friend can take control of assets and health care decisions for a person in need. The conservatee is the person who needs help. The conservator is the person in charge of the case. That person should do their best to honor the wishes of the conservatee.

If the conservatee has a durable power of attorney form or an advanced health care directive, those documents can guide the case by showing what the conservatee wants to be done.

The conservator manages medical decisions and assets of the conservatee.

The conservatorship attorney in Los Angeles or in Santa Clarita helps the conservator by getting court orders and tailoring the case to the needs of the conservatee for health care and for asset management. This is an area of elder law practice.

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