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Plan for a better future for yourself and for your heirs by having an estate plan. By having an estate planning attorney, you can make sure your assets go to the heirs, charities or causes you choose, and reduce disagreements about your estate in the future. Designate your estate representatives to act on your behalf when the need arises. Reduce court costs, attorney fees and probate fees by having an effective estate plan.

Having a written estate plan in place will allow your heirs and representatives to manage your affairs and assets with less conflict when you can’t make your own decisions.

Reduce your estate taxes and leave more of your estate to your heirs. As of December 2017, the estate and gift tax exemption is $5.45 million to his or her heirs and pay no federal estate or gift tax. A married couple will be able to leave $10.9 million free from federal estate and gift taxes. Congress just can’t seem to give away enough money with the estate tax exemption. The current estate tax applies to only a fraction of one percent of all estates. Over 99% of all estates do not owe any estate tax at today’s rates. However, there are still plenty of things that keep the Superior Court busy with disagreements among heirs who are fighting over money.

Plan ahead. Have a will and trust to spell out your estate plan for your heirs. Update your estate plan when you have changes about who you will inherit your money. You can also name your favorite charities and organizations in your estate plan.

A living will is a health care directive to tell people what your intentions are about medical treatment if you can’t explain things in the future. Maintain your quality of life while receing reasonable and necessary medical care.

At the Paladin Attorney Law Office, we will provide you with careful analysis of your legal needs and intentions so your estate plan will be handled as smoothly as possible. Avoid unnecessary disputes in court.

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