How can a conservatorship attorney help you in Monterey Park or in Los Angeles? We can show you the way.

We can help you set up a conservatorship when a person needs help managing their financial affairs or health care decisions.


Emphasis is always put on following the desires of the client who needs help with their affairs, finances or health care.


The conservatee can nominate and appoint the person whom they want to act on behalf of the client (called the conservator). We set this up in the court case for the benefit of the client.


The client can choose who they want to help at home.


We help you understand the court process, the fees and costs which are required.


If you have a will, trust and powers of attorney for business and for health care, your appointed agent can help you get things done without a court case.


An experienced conservatorship attorney in Monterey Park or in Los Angeles can help you solve your legal needs.


We are here to help you with your legal needs. We also can help with setting up your estate plan.


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